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Leading customer experience is a unique challenge.

Everyone you work with knows they should care about CX, but not everyone agrees on how to approach it. Just getting teams aligned on one CX strategy is a monumental task.

When you try to get stakeholders on board, you find that…

Their understanding of CX is wildly different and often woefully incomplete.

Many business leaders think managing CX is someone else’s job.

Even CX advocates stay on the sidelines because they’re already so busy.

It’s hard to get meaningful support from executives to drive action.

Getting your whole organization actively involved in CX transformation may seem impossible...but it isn’t.

Megan has helped hundreds of corporate leaders rally people to build a world-class customer experience capability.

She can help you do the same.

Megan has distilled everything she’s learned into a set of proven tools, techniques, and strategies to help you activate your organization and make things happen around CX in a fraction of the time.

Let Megan’s hard-earned wisdom be your secret weapon.

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Megan Burns

Megan specializes in making CX transformation a reality.

She is:

  • One of the world’s leading experts on customer experience and culture change
  • Architect of the CX Index and the Outside In Maturity Model
  • A veteran consultant who’s worked with 300+ organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 50
  • A sought-after keynote speaker who consistently earns high audience ratings

A subject matter expert featured in:

NBC News
The New York Times
Inc. Magazine

Better CX.
Better Business.

Companies that work with Megan experience...


Clarity on their strategic goals and priorities leading to...

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Better alignment and collaboration across teams


Increased awareness of their customers’ needs leading to...

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Lower risk and smarter resource allocation


More executive and employee engagement leading to...

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A world-class customer experience capability

How Can Megan Help You?



Whether she’s sharing foundational concepts or fresh thought leadership, Megan’s engaging, relatable keynotes make complex ideas accessible and provide actionable insights that spark excitement and engagement around CX efforts.

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Megan’s customized advisory services help you find the right path forward given your organization’s unique needs while also empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to cultivate world-class CX no matter what challenges you encounter.


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