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Customer Experience Pioneer, Fortune 500 Strategic Advisor, Author, and Keynote Speaker


What's Your Top Priority?

Are you looking to...


Launch a new CX program or mature an existing one?


Teach your C-Suite what it takes to deliver great customer experience?


Get stakeholders aligned on a unified CX strategy?

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Decide where to focus and set priorities for a new fiscal year?


Reposition an existing CX team after a re-org or leadership change?


Build your presentation for an upcoming CX roadshow or meeting?

Whatever your goal, Megan can help you build a realistic plan using proven best practices that you can start executing in a fraction of the time it would take to do everything on your own.

How It Works

Megan’s Accelerator Program helps you take all the ideas floating around in your head and organize them into a set of clear goals, strategies, messages, and next steps you and your team can take.

get clear

Get Clear

We start by clarifying the goals you want to achieve and how the world will be different once you’ve accomplished them.

get focused

Get Focused

We then pick one thing to focus on, a strategic first step that will catapult you forward by removing barriers and kicking off a cascade of other actions.

get going

Get Going

Finally, we build a 30-60-90 day plan and start making things happen. And as the plan bumps up against real life, Megan is there to help you adapt.

What You Get

Clients who have been through Megan’s accelerator program experienced:

  • Tangible support and concrete action from the C-Suite
  • Greater alignment on priorities across the organization
  • Improved efficiency, better communication, and more trust
  • Risk reduction from alignment with proven best practices

Why Megan?

As a CX pioneer, strategy expert, and insatiably curious human Megan has spent 20 years figuring out which CX strategies work best in particular situations—and why.

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She knows how to analyze the challenges you face and find the approach that will be most effective in your unique environment.

After working with hundreds of real companies, Megan recognizes that CX transformation is never a simple, straightforward process. Her vast experience helps her anticipate and avoid roadblocks that could put your entire program at risk and, if necessary, pivot in response to a curveball like a reorg, leadership change, or merger.

And unlike other CX advisors, Megan doesn’t just tell you what to do.

Instead, she teaches you how to tease apart complex situations using the same kind of rigorous analysis she does, then helps you apply the core principles of CX strategy and business transformation to find the best path forward.

Work with Megan, and you’ll come away with a clear plan to achieve your current goals and the skills to confidently navigate any future challenge.


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