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Word Nerd Wednesday – ROADBLOCK

I come from a long line of stubborn people.  I love them dearly, but my family doesn’t like change and they don’t like being told what to do. Perhaps some of you out there can relate. ūüėČ This used to frustrate me to no end, but when I entered the corporate world I realized they’d done … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – ANUMERIC

Can you imagine a world without numbers? I recently stumbled on an article about people living in what are called “anumeric” cultures. The concept of exact quantity doesn’t exist in their world. Their languages have generic words for “some” or “a few” but nothing more specific. It’s hard to imagine. But it’s true. Numbers aren’t … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – REINVENT

The watch-word from PWC’s annual CEO report was “reinvent.” Almost half of the 4,702 CEOs surveyed said their company won’t be economically viable in ten years if it stays on its current path. Yikes. Other than technology change, the biggest thing driving corporate reinvention is changing customer preferences. This has HUGE implications for CX leaders. … Read more

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