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Word Nerd Wednesday – Benchmark

The original concept behind a benchmark was to ensure consistent measurement, but these days people aren’t as careful that the data they benchmark against aligns with their goals.

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Book

If you’re a word nerd like me, you probably also love books. The dictionary defines a book as “a long written or printed composition or a group of pages bound between two covers.” But they are so much more than that. Books are vehicles for learning, vessels that transmit information and insight, spark new ideas, … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Consistently Good, Strategically Amazing

During my keynote at CXPA Leaders Advance I introduced a new definition of CX excellence that I’ve been using for a few years: Consistently good. Strategically amazing. Folks have asked me to expand on that concept so that’s the focus of today’s WNW installment.

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