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Word Nerd Wednesday – RED HERRING

“Red herring” is a euphemism for something that gets put in one’s path to intentionally distract or mislead. The first known use was in an 1833 essay by English journalist William Cobbett. The author told the (probably fictional) story of using the scent of smoked fish** to distract hunting dogs from the trail of a … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – WATERMELON

#WordNerdWednesday I had never heard the term “watermelon” in a CX context until recently. Someone at the CXPA Leaders Advance conference used it to describe CX metrics – watermelon metrics look green at the top level but red as soon as you peek below the surface. I loved that, and it made me think of … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – SCRATCH

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “starting from scratch” came from? I hadn’t until an article on the topic came across my feed recently. It seemed perfect for #WordNerdWednesday. “The scratch” is what 18th century folks called the starting line in a race or sport. It was, quite literally, a line scratched into the … Read more

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