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Word Nerd Wednesday – Verboten

What if the terms “customer experience” and “experience” were suddenly verboten – i.e., banned – from your vocabulary? How would you describe what you and your team do? It’s a question worth asking, given the economic climate we’re in. Several people have told me lately they feel like “CX” isn’t top of mind for C-Suites … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – LOVE

Last month, I found an HBR article called “The Business Case for Love.” Spoiler alert: it’s not about the roughly $25 billion experts think people will spend on Valentine’s Day in 2024*. The article is about the difference in economic value between customers who are “satisfied” and those who say they LOVE a company or … Read more

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Spuddle

Have you ever had a day where you’re super busy but feel like you got nothing done at the end of the day? I find having a way to express it helps. 

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