Announcing the CX Frontiers Book Club

CX Frontiers - a virtual book club for pioneering CX professionals.

A famous Albert Einstein quote says you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking you had when you created it. I agree, which is why I’m re-launching my virtual book club for CX professionals!

It’s called “CX Frontiers” because the goal is to push the thinking and practice of #CXM far beyond where it is today.

How? By reading and discussing books that aren’t about CX.

The books we read will come from CX-adjacent fields like behavioral science, social science, culture, change management, and leadership.

Our conversations will explore how to use a given book’s ideas, tools, and techniques to solve the most intractable #CX challenges like competing priorities, cultural resistance, and leading business transformation at scale.

The next CX Frontiers discussion is happening Friday, November 17th, from 11 – 12 ET. We’ll focus on “The Catalyst” by Jonah Berger.

I chose this book because the best CX leaders operate as catalysts, not crusaders. I started to explore this idea in a past WNW post and am excited to peel back more layers in a live, interactive discussion.

To join the club and RSVP for the November meeting, go to the CX Frontiers page on the platform.

Hope you can and will join us!

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