Key Takeaways from CXPA Leaders Advance 2023


Image: Landen Conner

Day 1 of CXPA Leaders Advance is in the books! A few takeaways from the sessions I got to join today:

1. Companies have disaster recovery plans to make sure tech infrastructure won’t go down. We need a similar plan – what steps are you taking to make sure your CX programs can keep running even if your key executive sponsor leaves. (Leading CX Through Organizational Change, led by Leslie Pagel and Jenn Stephens, CCXP,)

2. The most successful #CX teams include a mix of internal and external hires. They also have a clear charter and engagement model that defines how they work with the rest of the organization to orchestrate value, accountability, and action. (Hiring and Developing for CX, led by Karyn Furstman, CCXP)

3. Leading CX is an emotional rollercoaster. Tabitha Dunn has gotten through tough times with a mix of hope and listening/curiosity. She meets nastiness and naysayers by leaning forward and saying “That’s interesting; tell me more.” And when she hits a setback, she sets up two calls with a friend. Call 1 is to get comfort. Call 2 is about what you’re going to do to move forward. (keynote on resillience from CXPA Board President Tabitha Dunn).

4. To engage the c-suite, build your CX narrative around the three Rs: revenue, risk, and reputation. These are the things they’re already grappling with; meet them where they are. (Making CX a C-Suite Priority, led by Wayne Simmons, CCXP).

Excited to kick off Day 2 by leading a conversation about The Past, Present, and Future of CX with Gabe Smith, Erin Wallace, and Mark Ratekin!

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