Word Nerd Wednesday in Icelandic!

WNW Master 2022 (6)

Just got back from my first trip to Iceland – what an amazing experience!

While there, I wondered how you say “customer experience” in Icelandic.

It’s “upplifun vi├░skiptavina”

I know the letter that looks like a crossed “d” is pronounced as a “th” sound, but for proper pronunciation I’m afraid you’ll have to ask Google Translate. Icelandic is one of the hardest languages to learn and I couldn’t find a written phonetic spelling anywhere!

Thankfully all Icelanders speak English (they learn it in school along with Icelandic and Danish) so it’s easy to get around as a visitor.

But with a population of only 390k, they are justifiablly concerned that the native language will fade away. That would be a shame as everything about this land, people, and culture is an absolute treasure.